Farm fresh turkeys available to pre-order

We have been producing traditional farm fresh turkeys for Christmas at Bates Farm for over 70 years. We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality Christmas turkeys.

Our turkeys arrive as day old chicks & are reared to maturity in well ventilated, naturally lit, spacious barns on deep bedding of either straw or shavings. They are fed a high quality, cereal based, drug free diet that contains no growth promoting additives, to provide a range of weights ready for Christmas.

We are independently inspected annually to ensure that we maintain the highest welfare standards. Slaughter takes place on the farm with the minimum of stress. Plucking is hand finished. All our turkeys are game hung for 8-10 days in a chilled environment to give them a fuller richer flavour.

We sell traditional white feathered turkeys and also offer a limited number of bronze feathered turkeys which have been bred for their superior flavour & improved meat texture.

Turkeys are supplied Oven Ready with giblets.

For companies wishing to order turkeys as staff gifts or butchers interested in purchasing dressed or long legged turkeys, please get in touch to discuss discounts for bulk orders.

Turkey sales have been much faster than normal this year. The number of turkeys are now limited, weeks before the turkeys are due to be plucked (which is when we can tell whether the turkeys are the weight that we are expecting) We would like to let you know that we will do our best to supply a turkey within the weight range ordered, but we can’t guarantee that it will be in the weight range requested. We do not anticipate that turkeys will be more than 1 weight range above that requested. Your understanding in this unprecedented situation is much appreciated.


Turkeys will be available for collection on
Thursday 23rd December and Friday 24th December

We have a small number of Turkeys left for 2021, please ring the farm on  01925 765267 for availability (Updated 23rd December 2021)

Fresh Bronze Turkeys 2021 Price Limited Availability

£10.85/kg (£4.92/lb)

Fresh White Turkeys 2021 Price Limited Availablity

£9.00/kg (£4.08/lb)

Vegetable Prices 2021

Our vegetables are sourced from local producers. Each veg box costs approx. £15 (Exact cost of potatoes and veg boxes will be confirmed closer to Christmas once we have prices from our local producers) and includes

5kg (11lb) cheshire potatoes
2.0kg (4lb) local carrots
1.0kg (2lb) local parsnips
1.0kg (2lb) fresh onions
and a stick of local sprouts
(imperial weights are approximate)

Full bags of potatoes 25kg (55lb) can also be ordered separately at a cost of £7 each

Half bags of potatoes 12.5kg (27lb) can be ordered at a cost of £4.50 each

Savoy Cabbage, Leeks & Sprouts Price To Be Confirmed

“The fondest memories are made gathered around the table”

We have vegetable boxes available to order alongside your turkey

“The fondest memories are made gathered around the table”

We have vegetable boxes available to order alongside your turkey

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